After obtaining his BA and MPhil degrees at Hong Kong Baptist University, Hak Yin Li (Chinese name: 李克賢) earned his PhD in politics and international relations at the University of Nottingham. He taught at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HKU SPACE Community College, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Before moving to Tokyo, Hak Yin took up a visiting research fellowship of East Asian Institute at National University of Singapore. Currently Hak Yin lives in Tokyo and he is an Associate Professor of Institute for International Strategy at Tokyo International University.

Research and Teaching Interests

Hak Yin specializes in international relations with particular reference to the evolution, formation and pattern of Chinese foreign policy and the implications of the rise of China in Asia-Pacific region. Other interests are mainly in the fields of world order issues, international relations of Asia-Pacific, Hong Kong’s international status, Chinese and Hong Kong politics. His works can be found on Asian Politics and Society, East Asian Policy, Journal of Contemporary China, and Place Branding and Public Diplomacy.


Hak Yin has been interviewed by TV, radio and press on international relations, Chinese foreign policy, China-United States relations, China-Japan relations and North Korean nuclear issues by the following media: Apple Daily, BBC News, Cable TV, Channel NewsAsia, China Daily, China Xinhua News Network Corporation (CNC), D100 Radio, Headline Daily, Hong Kong 01, Metro Radio, Ming Pao Daily, Radio Free AsiaRadio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), South China Morning Post (SCMP), Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), The Business Times, The Central News Agency, The Globe Post, The Hong Kong Economic Journal.


Hak Yin has extensive administrative experiences in admission affairs, pedagogical management of general education as well as conference organization. He was Head of Admission and Publicity Panel at the Department of Government and Public Administration and Associate Dean of General Education Committee at Lee Woo Sing College respectively of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Hak Yin was also Director and Council Member of Hong Kong Political Science Association, and he has been a reviewer of Asian Education and Development StudiesHong Kong Studies, Journal of Public Diplomacy, The Pacific Review and Multi-Year Research Grant of the University of Macau. Hak Yin was also consulted by Asia and the Pacific Division of Department of Political Affairs of the United Nations.


Email: hakyinli@tiu.ac.jp
Office: Room 213, Research Building, Tokyo International University, 1-31-1 Matobakita, Kawagoe, Saitama, 350-1197, Japan